Thinking About Installing Your Own Outdoor Lighting System? Here’s Why You Should Reconsider.

Thinking about installing your own landscape lighting around your Tampa area property? We understand. You’d like to save money, and you want control over how it turns out.

But we can give many reasons why it’s important to hire an expert to install your outdoor lighting. So before you head to a local big box store for fixtures and wires, answer these questions:

Do You Know Quality Lighting Products?

In Florida, you have to be familiar with lighting fixtures that will “weather” the storms. If you’re going to invest in a lighting system, you’ll want it to last for years — not replace it within months. Brilliant Nights knows that the components you can buy at a hardware store will not last a fraction of the time that a professional grade system would. We work with professional grade products designed to handle strong winds and rain, and systems that are engineered to be installed by experienced professionals.

What Kind of Warranty Can I Give Myself?

If you install your outdoor lighting system and something goes wrong in a few months or even in a year, you may have the fixture manufacturer’s warranty but there is nothing you can do about improper installation. As a professional landscape lighting company, if something stops working after we install it, we will come back and make it right.

Do I Know What Tools to Use, and Do I Want to Buy Them?

If you plan to install a landscape lighting system, you’ll need to dig trenches and possibly move existing landscaping. Do you really want to spend the money to buy or rent these tools that you’re only going to use temporarily? You could end up with a bigger bill than you expected for your landscape lighting project, and you could wind up staring at a tool you have no idea how to use.

Can I Handle Electricity Safely?

Do you know which voltage is best for your system, where to bury electrical wires or how to locate gas lines? If not, you could end up in a dangerous situation. We are experts in low voltage lighting and have installed hundreds of outdoor lighting systems, so we know how to deal with your utilities safely.

Trust Us, We Design Beautiful Landscape Lighting Systems!

It’s tempting to look at fixtures online or in a store and imagine where you want them to go. This is your home so you SHOULD be able to achieve the look you want. But in order to achieve a stunning home that your neighbors will envy, you can benefit from asking a professional lighting designer for help. We’ll work with you to create the design you dream of, whether it’s to illuminate your flower garden with downlighting, create a safer walkway with path lighting, or make your pool both safe and beautiful by lighting your lanai.

At Brilliant Nights, we don’t blame you for wanting to deal with your own lighting. But years down the road, when you’re still pleased with the outdoor lighting system we professionally designed and installed, we promise you’ll still be happy with your investment! Give us a call. We can’t wait to speak with you.