6 Popular Outdoor Lighting Techniques

We understand that our customers aren’t landscape lighting experts. That’s our job – not yours! So when we begin discussions about what lighting effects will improve the beauty and safety of your property, we will carefully explain the verbiage we use. Here are some techniques we use most often.


Downlighting fixtures can be placed:

  • High in trees to illuminate large portions of your yard
  • Under eaves of the roof line and on garden walls to shine light on foliage
  • Above doorways and entrances to make them visible for guests


Uplighting fixtures are placed:

  • At the base of each tree to illuminate their shape and trunk structure
  • 8-9 feet from the trunk to shine light on branches and leaves


Path Lighting

We place path lighting along walkways to help residents and guests maneuver more safely.

  • Along sidewalks that lead to your front door.
  • Along stepping stones or pathways to your backyard, pool, or fire pit area.


Moonlighting allows us to subtly illuminate areas with light that’s only as bright as the moon. Moonlighting fixtures placed high in a tree provide:

  • Interesting shadows of leaves and branches on the ground below
  • Safety lighting to deter burglars from hiding in dark corners



Spotlighting does a great job of illuminating special focal points in your yard such as flags, statues and fountains. We recommend spotlighting to make your favorite focal point stand out.


Pool Lighting

Safety around your pool is a must. Pool lighting provides beauty by shining on foliage around the pool, and also allows swimmers and those lounging by the pool to see where they’re going after dark.



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If you’ve been thinking about having outdoor lighting installed on your property, we can talk with you about which lighting techniques would be best to achieve the effects that you’re looking for. Just give us a call at 813-785-7557 for a free consultation.