Brilliant Nights Owner Spotlight: Get to Know Rick Bequette

Just as getting to know our customers allows us to do our job better, we believe it’s important for our customers to get to know us  in order to understand why they should choose us for their landscape lighting needs. This month on our blog, we’ll be sharing a series of questions and answers from Brilliant Nights owner Rick Bequette to reveal how he got started in the business, why he loves owning a landscape lighting company in Tampa, and more.

Can you explain what sparked your interest in the landscape lighting business?

I graduated high school with fine art scholarship offers from seven different schools.  I think it’s the artistic background that I enjoy the most.  While many come more from the “electrician” side of the business, I come from the design side of the business.  I truly enjoy the opportunity to “paint a customers home and landscape with light”.  Without light, there is no space.  With properly placed illumination, the home and landscaping come to life as the sun sets, showing the depth and beauty that is unique to each property.  Sure, we know the technical side of the business too (amps, wattage, etc,), but it’s the design and artistic side that determine the beauty of the project and that’s where I come from.  Once I had illuminated a few of my own homes over the years, I thought I might like to do it for others.  I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to make that happen.

What is the best part of owning a landscape lighting company?

I think the best part about owning a landscape lighting company is the freedom to make decisions based on what’s best for the customer and the company.  When I started this business back in 2004, I considered buying a franchise, but I’m so glad I kept it independent.  A lot of landscape lighting companies are franchises that are limited to offer only certain products supplied by the franchisor.  At Brilliant Nights, we’re free to choose the best products for each customer and scenario, with no limitations of a franchise agreement.   I just recently discovered a new line of lighting materials that I’m excited about offering my customers in the future.

I enjoy meeting new customers, learning about their home and property and then designing a lighting system that will exceed their expectations.  People often know they want some lighting, but those who allow us to design it for them will likely be  blown away by the ideas we come up with.  And, our selection of materials is essentially endless, which allows us to locate the perfect fixture for each scenario.  We go the extra  mile to offer very exquisite options such as recessing fixtures into hardscape surfaces like pavers or stone walls.  Because the level of difficulty is higher, a lot of other companies don’t offer that type of thing, meaning their design will be inferior to ours.  We’re driven to rise above average, and again, I think having the freedom to be able to deliver every time is what I enjoy the most.

Stay Tuned for More Q&A’s next week!

Next week on the Brilliant Nights blog, Rick will discuss some of his favorite landscape lighting projects, and you’ll get to find out what he likes to do in his free time!

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