Be Sure to Adjust Your Landscape Lighting for Daylight Saving Time!

Saturday night when we go to bed, we’ll look forward to a longer Sunday in Tampa. After setting our clocks an hour ahead for Daylight Saving, we can finally enjoy an extra hour of Florida sunshine for the next 8 months. The only problem (besides losing an hour of sleep) is if your landscape lighting timer doesn’t get adjusted, you could be paying to illuminate your property in daylight. Here’s how to be sure your lights adjust.

Brilliant Nights Provides Commercial Landscape Lighting

When you own a business, you only get a first chance to make a good impression. Brilliant Nights can set your business apart from the rest, make sure your customers feel safe and welcome when approaching your property, and enhance the looks of your building. You won’t believe the difference outdoor commercial lighting can make! 

6 Popular Outdoor Lighting Techniques

We understand that our customers aren’t landscape lighting experts. That’s our job – not yours! So when we begin discussions about what lighting effects will improve the beauty and safety of your property, we will carefully explain the verbiage we use. Here are some techniques we use most often. 

Planning to Sell Your Home in the Near Future? Landscape Lighting Can Help

If you’re planning to put your house up for sale within the next year or so, you’ll want to start thinking of home improvements that will attract serious buyers.  While you may have put off adding landscape lighting because you knew you weren’t staying in your home, a professional outdoor lighting system is actually an investment that will make your house more appealing to Tampa house hunters than the dark house next door. Here are a few reasons why.


It’s Still Dark When Buyers Get Off Work 

Buyers who don’t want to wait until the weekend may want to see your house as soon as they leave work.  This time of year, that means they’ll be coming to see your house in the dark. If your breathtaking pool or beautiful fountain add appeal to your home during the day, they should be lit up at night. Do you have an incredible outdoor dining area that essentially increases the square footage of your living space? Adding landscape lighting around these areas will entice potential buyers to see themselves in that space after the sun goes down.

Buyers Love Manicured Lawns and Landscaping

Sellers often spend hours to boost their daytime curb appeal. But what’s the point of planting new shrubs and mowing your lawn meticulously if your perfect buyer who drives by at night won’t see them? Having moonlighting, spot lighting and other outdoor lighting installed can shine light on the beautiful lawn and landscaping a buyer could have if they choose to purchase your home.


Buyers Want to See Themselves in a Safe Home

Moving into an unfamiliar neighborhood can make new homeowners a little nervous, so you don’t want a potential buyer to see a pitch dark driveway or shadowy spots in the yard where intruders may lurk. If they pull up to a home that’s softly illuminated and has path lighting to guide them to the front door, they’ll picture themselves safe and secure in their new home.


Brilliant Nights Can Make Your Home More Appealing to House Hunters

While an outdoor lighting will attract buyers, a poorly installed system or poorly placed lighting will not. We can work with you to design a system that will add beauty and security to your home, and you can let buyers know that if they buy your home, they’ll be getting a professional landscape lighting system from a trusted Tampa landscape lighting company. Brilliant Nights has been designing and installing outdoor lighting in Florida since 2004, and we’d love to discuss how our work can help increase your property value and help your home sell. Just give us a call today!