Have you scheduled maintenance service for your landscape lighting system?

When you first had your outdoor lighting system installed, you were probably very excited to show friends and neighbors how beautiful it made your property look. But as time passed and your excitement faded, you may have forgotten that your system needs to be maintained in order to keep looking and working its best. Whether it was installed by us or someone else, Brilliant Nights can certainly bring it new life.

Upgrade to LED

If your system was put in years ago, it most likely contains halogen lights. We can swap out LED bulbs which require less energy and shine bright and beautiful.

Clean Dirty Fixtures 

Your spotless original fixtures are no doubt dusty and dingy after several years of use. Hard water from irrigation systems can cloud lenses, preventing lights to shine as brightly as they should. Debris that’s been blown around in Florida storms may be matted on, and bug guts may be making your lamps look gross. We open and clean out all the fixtures and polish lenses so they look brand new.

Replace Failed Lamps

If your lamps are older than a year or so, they could have failed or are starting to dim. We can replace them so your system is fully illuminated again.

Reposition Lighting Around Landscaping 

Over the years after your system was installed, bushes and plants may have grown and roots may have wrapped around electrical wires. We can move fixtures and wiring around to accommodate this growth without compromising the outdoor lighting system.

Bury Exposed Wire

Again, with stormy Florida weather, mulch that has blown away could have exposed your landscape lighting wires. This not only looks bad but also poses a safety hazard. We’ll bury those wires so your system looks nice and everyone on your property stays safe.

Call Brilliant Nights to Schedule Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

If you purchased a maintenance plan through us when we installed your system, be sure to take advantage of your discount on parts and repairs and give us a call. You can read more about our maintenance packages here.

If it’s simply time to address some repairs or upgrades to your old lighting system, give us a call. We’ll have it looking and working like brand new in no time!