Landscape Lighting Creates the Ultimate Backyard Resort

Are you already in the works of planning next summer’s vacation? If so, you may want to steer your plan into a vacation you can enjoy for more than just one week of the year. The beautiful thing about living in Tampa is that we have vacation-like weather all the time, so why not use your travel budget to create a vacation-like resort at home, in your own backyard?

A Welcoming Water Feature

Think about what you first see when you enter a luxury resort. A breathtaking waterfall? A beautiful koi pond? A serene trickling fountain? Now picture how those are illuminated at night – and then picture them in your yard. Outdoor lighting shining on a water feature adds a relaxing ambiance that lets all your worries slip away. We would love to help you add that care-free touch to your home.

A Pool in Paradise

Why fly off to a tropical island when you can float on crystal clear water on your own property? Soak up the Florida sun during the day, and then enjoy your pool after dark with pool lighting designed by Brilliant Nights. We can not only make your pool and surrounding landscaping look beautiful, but also make it a safe area for your family and guests to move around. Whether you already have a pool that needs updated lighting or are considering adding a pool in the future, give us a call.

An Outdoor Bar and Grill

There’s nothing like bellying up to the bar when you get to your vacation destination. While you won’t have someone waiting on you at your own backyard bar, you’ll be able to enjoy the serenity of a glass of wine al fresca all year long. And if you love to grill and spend quality time with your family, an outdoor kitchen is worth the investment. Brilliant Nights can add beautiful patio lighting and bar lighting to create the perfect outdoor entertainment area.

Yard Games for Everyone

When you get to your beach house or condo, do your kids run straight to the volleyball net or start a shuffleboard game? You can create a fun game area in your yard to use well after sunset. By adding downlighting in your trees to illuminate your yard at night, everyone can enjoy the same entertainment possible at a family-friendly resort.

Ready to Create Your Yearlong Staycation Area? 

If you’d like to discuss how our outdoor lighting designs can help create a backyard that you can enjoy all year long, give us a call!