Landscape Lighting FAQs

There are no silly questions when it comes to outdoor lighting. In fact, we’ve probably heard them all! Here are a few questions we’re often asked. If you have any questions you don’t see listed here, just give us a call!

How can I plan ahead for a Landscape Lighting System?

If you’re building a home and outdoor lighting is part of your plan, it’s best for us to come by before construction begins. We’ll show your builder where outlets will need to be installed and where we will need to bury wires.

If you plan to add landscape lighting to your existing home, we’ll come by to discuss whether any landscaping will need to be moved or replanted before we begin working. In most cases, we can work around it.

How will I turn my outdoor lights on and off each evening?

Your lighting system will include an LED professional grade transformer that is already programmed to turn the lights on and off automatically, and will also include an option to turn them off or on manually from inside your home.

What’s the difference between line voltage and low voltage?

A line voltage system runs at 120 volts while a low voltage system runs at 12 volts. We use low voltage in our landscape lighting systems because it can be safely handled without any adverse effects.

When will Brilliant Nights install my outdoor lighting system?

We will schedule an appointment to install your lighting system during the day, and then schedule an evening appointment to view the lights in the dark. This will allow you to make any requests for adjustments since we want customers to be happy right from the start!

Will installing outdoor lighting damage my landscaping?

In most cases, no. While line voltage type lighting requires deep trenches and can disrupt lawns and landscaping, low voltage outdoor residential lighting simply requires mostly hand tools to run wire and place fixtures in slit trenches.  Most of the time, your new lighting system is the only evidence we were ever there.

Why should I choose a Brilliant Nights lighting system over a big box store lighting kit?

Lighting kits found in stores are made to last between one and three years, while we only use products that we know will last for much longer. Bix box kits may rust or tarnish, while our fixtures and wiring will withstand Florida weather. And while lighting kits from a store may have glitches that you don’t know how to fix, we guarantee that if a lighting system we install stops working, we’ll come back and find out what’s wrong with it – and fix it.

What’s better:  LED lighting or low-voltage halogen lighting?

The energy savings and long life of LED “bulbs” are tremendous. You can read about the advantages of LED bulbs here.

And here is an article from Volt Lighting featuring beautiful photos of an LED lighting job designed by Brilliant Nights.

Why should I choose Brilliant Nights to install my landscape lighting instead of a landscaping company?

Outdoor lighting is our only business, so we know the best products to use, we design unique lighting for each specific home, and we are familiar with the latest lighting installation techniques. Landscapers do a great job at landscaping, but choosing a landscape lighting expert is your best bet for beautiful lighting around your Tampa area home.

Have more questions? Just ask! We look forward to hearing from you.