Be Sure to Adjust Your Landscape Lighting for Daylight Saving Time!

Saturday night when we go to bed, we’ll look forward to a longer Sunday in Tampa. After setting our clocks an hour ahead for Daylight Saving, we can finally enjoy an extra hour of Florida sunshine for the next 8 months. The only problem (besides losing an hour of sleep) is if your landscape lighting timer doesn’t get adjusted, you could be paying to illuminate your property in daylight. Here’s how to be sure your lights adjust.

Thinking About Installing Your Own Outdoor Lighting System? Here’s Why You Should Reconsider.

Thinking about installing your own landscape lighting around your Tampa area property? We understand. You’d like to save money, and you want control over how it turns out. 

But we can give many reasons why it’s important to hire an expert to install your outdoor lighting. So before you head to a local big box store for fixtures and wires, answer these questions:

Happy New Year from Brilliant Nights

We’d like to wish you a safe and prosperous 2018. We appreciate all of the business our Tampa area customers have given us this past year!

As you begin to make New Year’s resolutions, consider making some changes to your home that can lower your bills. Schedule a maintenance appointment to be sure your air conditioning is running efficiently, fix leaky faucets to save water, and upgrade to ENERGY STAR appliances if it’s time to replace your washer, dryer, or refrigerator. 

If your landscape lighting system is still running on halogen bulbs, you should also consider switching to LED.