Landscape Lighting Creates the Ultimate Backyard Resort

Are you already in the works of planning next summer’s vacation? If so, you may want to steer your plan into a vacation you can enjoy for more than just one week of the year. The beautiful thing about living in Tampa is that we have vacation-like weather all the time, so why not use your travel budget to create a vacation-like resort at home, in your own backyard?

How You Can Help Texas Flood Victims

As residents of Tampa, we know all too well about the wrath of hurricanes and tropical storms, and our hearts go out to victims of Hurricane Harvey. It’s great to see some of the selfless ways volunteers from around the country are helping, like this story that shows how boat owners are rescuing residents from flood waters.

Even if you can’t get to Texas with your boat, there are many ways you can help the flood victims from right here in Florida. Here are some links to get you started.

Can Your Outdoor Lighting Withstand Florida Rain?

If you’ve had a landscape lighting system installed by someone who does not understand the importance of waterproof fixtures in Tampa, you may start to see problems. Water builds up quickly in systems not built or installed for Florida weather, and we definitely see cases where this happens. 

Here are some problems that can occur in a non-weatherproof installation.