Owner Spotlight: Get to Know Rick Bequette Part 2

Last week, we learned why Brilliant Nights owner Rick Bequette started his landscape lighting company in Tampa, and why he has loved running his business for over a decade. This week, we’ll find out about some of his favorite outdoor lighting projects and learn a little about what he likes to do in his free time.

We Can Install Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting For Your Hotel or Condo Complex

Sea Turtles begin nesting along Florida’s Atlantic side in March and on the Gulf side in May. If you own a hotel or other type of lodging facility on either coast, it’s important to do your part to help sea turtles find a place to lay eggs and to help hatchlings make their way safely into the ocean.

How to Provide a Safe Beach for Sea Turtles to Nest

Here’s a cool fact about a mama sea turtle: She usually returns to the same beach where she was born to lay her own eggs, and then returns every year or so do the same thing in the same spot! Find out what you can do to help sea turtles keep nesting in their favorite spots.

Landscape Online Explains Details of Brilliant Nights Sea Turtle Lighting Job

In a recent article in Landscape Online Magazine, you’ll find details about a sea turtle lighting project we completed last summer at the Sheraton Sand-Key Resort in Clearwater.

The article discusses why the resort reached out to Brilliant Nights owner Rick Bequette to help them become turtle friendly, and also gives technical information about the intricate planning that went into keeping the environment satisfactory for guests during the landscape lighting project.

Our Sea Turtle Lighting is Featured in Florida Restaurant and Lodging Magazine!

In their winter issue, Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association Magazine ran a story about a lighting project we completed to help the Sheraton Sand Key Resort become sea turtle compliant. The hotel was able to conduct business as usual during the entire project, and the outdoor lighting around the the hotel turned out beautiful.