6 Popular Outdoor Lighting Techniques

We understand that our customers aren’t landscape lighting experts. That’s our job – not yours! So when we begin discussions about what lighting effects will improve the beauty and safety of your property, we will carefully explain the verbiage we use. Here are some techniques we use most often. 

Use Your Tax Refund for Landscape Lighting

Like many other Florida residents, you’re probably counting down the days until your tax refund arrives. After you spend some of it on a well-deserved nice dinner, consider investing in something that will boost your home’s value, improve its curb appeal and allow you to enjoy more time outside.

5 Landscape Lighting Techniques We Recommend

If you’re not an expert in the landscape lighting industry, it’s hard to understand what the best lighting techniques are to make your yard beautiful at night. Brilliant Nights will consult with you to create a custom design for your yard, but it might help to have an explanation of some of the techniques we use to achieve your desired effect.