We Can Install Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting For Your Hotel or Condo Complex

Sea turtles begin nesting along Florida’s Atlantic side in March and on the Gulf side in May. If you own a hotel or other type of lodging facility on either coast, it’s important to do your part to help sea turtles find a place to lay eggs and to help hatchlings make their way safely into the ocean.

Here are some ways to make your property turtle friendly:


  • Remind your guests not to use flashlights or flash photography on the beach after dark, as this can deter female sea turtles from coming on shore to lay eggs.
  • Remove cabanas, chairs, umbrellas, and any recreational water vehicles from the beach at night since they can prevent female sea turtles from finding a place to nest.
  • Let oceanfront room guests know that they should keep blinds and draperies closed at night to prevent lights from their rooms from confusing hatchlings. Hatchlings have an instinct to head toward the moon which is in the direction of the ocean, so they will mistakenly crawl toward other lights. They are likely to become dehydrated or injured by predators if they go the wrong way.
  • Turn outdoor lighting off all together where possible. In places that need to be illuminated for the safety of your guests, switch to sea turtle friendly lighting which has an amber hue that won’t confuse hatchlings.

Brilliant Nights Can Install Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting on Your Property

We are very knowledgeable about requirements for meeting Florida Wildlife Commission guidelines for turtle friendly landscape lighting. Our goal for each lodging facility we help is to allow guests to continue enjoying their stay while making the hotel or condo safe for sea turtles. Last year, we allowed the Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater Beach to become sea turtle compliant without disrupting their guests, and they were pleased with the results.

If you’re ready to become sea turtle compliant before nesting season begins, call Brilliant Nights at 813-785-7557 today for a consultation.