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Dock Lighting

(walkways, sitting areas, etc.) Adding lighting to the dock makes it a great entertainment space while enhancing safety, etc.

Boat dock lighting is important for the security of your boat and the safety of its passengers, visitors and owners. Here are suggestions to help you choose the best lighting to enhance security and safety, while supporting the comfort and privacy of your nautical neighbors.

1. Avoid Tall Bright Lights

The preferred lights for a dock area are called bollards. These consist of a small light fixture mounted on abroad pillar at about 24 to 35 inches above the ground, between the average person’s knee and hip level. This dock light type will enable you to enter and disembark from a boat safely at night, while it shines below the cabin level of most large houseboats. These lights will also prevent collisions between your boat and other boats, and with the dock itself.

2. Install A Solar-Powered LightSystem

Lights operated by solar cells turn on automatically when the light level dims at sunset, and turn off again after sunrise. Avoid a light type that is controlled by only a manual switch or electronic timer, because it will invariably light up when you do not want it.

If your dock is in the shade mostof the day, choose and install a solar lighting system that is charged and operated by a single large solar panel that you can set up in a sun-filled spotnear the dock.

3. Choose Water andSalt-Resistant Housing for Lights

Boat dock lighting and other marine lights are made of durable plastics that can repel water and resist mineral salts that are found even in fresh water. Do not buy a dock light housed in metal, as it will pit and corrode quickly, rendering the lights inoperative.

4. Consult Your Neighbor or Marina Manager

Talk to your neighbor about the kind of dock lights you wish to install before you go ahead and put them down both sides of a shared dock. This will prevent disagreements, and your neighbor may also offer to share the cost of installation. If you have a dock slip at a marina, ask the marina manager before choosing and installing dock lights, to maintain a uniform appearance in the dock area.

5. Choose Lighting that Will Help Identify Your Dock

Affix a red and green light at the end of your dock to help you steer your boat to the correct side at night.If not these specific colors, set up a specific pattern or grouping of lights at the end. Avoid leaving your dock end un-illuminated.

6. For Visual Drama and Safety,Illuminate the Water’s Edge

Add a set of lights that shine into the water and reflect off the edges of the dock. This adds both visual impact and a second safety factor – the dock edges are more visible as you bring the boat in to dock it.

7. Light for Safety First When Leaving the Dock Area

Place a tall light, that directs most of its light downward, at the entrance to your path or stairway up from the dock. Avoid lights that cast bright light widely, so your cottage guests and neighbors can sleep.

Under Water Lighting for Docks (Fish attracting) – we offer fish attracting lights that sit on the bottom near the dock. They have a green glow and add a great look while drawing fish into the dock area.

Submersible lights project light directly into the water which leaves little reflected light to attract bugs on the surface. Why then are fishermen catching more fish using the submersible lights than ever before? It’s actually quite simple, light starts a natural food chain reaction by attracting a concentration of small microscopic animals called plankton. Bait fish such as shad and minnows are drawn to the light to feed on the plankton; and larger game fish move in to feed on the bait fish. It’s not uncommon to see bait fish stacked in columns 15 feet thick under the lights, with game fish suspended directly below them.

As time passes, the fish become accustomed to visiting the light nightly since it produces a readily available food source. the use of artificial light WILL attract fish to your Boat or Dock if the boat or dock is located in water capable of holding fish.

Some fish are skittish of the bright light, so it’s always advantageous to not only fish directly in the light but also fish on the outer edge of the light. Many times, more fish will be caught on the outer fringe of the light. then directly under or in the light itself. This is usually always true of snook that can be hard to catch when seen in the light.

DeepGlow lights create a soft glow on above water structures which creates an ambience unmatched by above-water lights. Marine life are attracted to our lights, so it is not uncommon to find sea creatures such as seahorses or squid. Dock mounted lights typically produce glare and bugs, both of which are eliminated with underwater lights. Many customers use the lights as guiding tools to allow a smooth boating entry at night.

We recommend the color Green for waters that are not crystal clear year round such as inland bays and waterways. Depending on water clarity, lights should have a minimum depth of 3 feet and up to a maximum of 20 feet. Our technicians have designed mounting systems for a variety of deep water situations such as floating docks and areas where fixed mounting is necessary due to extreme conditions.

The lights can either be used with a timer or a photo cell which allows them to turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

Depending on water clarity and depth, the light projects a diameter of 15-30 feet of light. Additionally, the lights cast a beautiful glow on above water structures such as pilings, docks and boats.

Why should I buy Deep Glow lights instead of another brand?

  • User replaceable, long-life, shock resistant metal halide bulb
  • Rugged housing and protective lens designed to withstand shock, wave action, prop wash, cast nets, and cleaning.
  • Energy efficient ballast, more efficient than a typical halogen dock light.
  • Built from non-corrosive and non-conductive materials
  • Choose from4 bright beautiful colors (green, blue, clear and red)
  • Shock resistant – No exposed bulb to break
  • Low profile for shallow waters