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Sign Lighting

We all know the saying: You only get one chance to make a first impression. When it comes to your business, there’s no truer statement. What potential customers see when they pass or approach your building could determine whether they want to step inside or drive away. And while what they see during the day is important, the impression they get at night could be a deal breaker.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is the name of my company completely visible at night?

If it’s not, potential customers could easily pass you by and move on to the similar, well-lit business down the street.

Does the way my sign is lit convey the type of business I own?

If you own a wine bar with a sign that’s highlighted in bright neon lights, it might turn off the sophisticated crowd looking for quiet ambiance.

When my business is closed, can people see what I can offer them the next day?

Just because you head home for the evening doesn’t mean customers stop making plans for the week. They need to be able to see your business hours and a list of your areas of expertise so they know how you can help them when you’re open.

Brilliant Nights offers many options for illuminating signage. Whether your sign is wall mounted or post mounted, we can consult with you about how to keep your business visible at night. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a good first impression.