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Custom Design

Any beautiful lighting project begins with the design. There are so many brands and so many types of fixtures – which is best for your situation?

  • Which kind of fixtures go where?
  • What amount of lumen output should the lamps be for each kind of tree or foliage?
  • What about the degree of beam spread?
  • What kelvin rating (light color) is best for your project?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, it’s best to leave the design to a professional.

We see it all the time – neighborhoods are riddled with “do it yourself” attempts that wind up with a lackluster effect, or worse, light glare shining in your eyes, etc. At Brilliant Nights, we design a system that perfectly accents the landscape, hardscape, and architectural features of your home or business.

Our installation abilities allow us to put the fixtures where they belong – not just stuck in the nearest patch of dirt like some designers / installers. We can install into hard surfaces, on second stories, in trees, etc. Our designs are the road map to creating your beautiful lighting project.

We can work from your landscape plans, or we can design from a blank piece of paper. Either way, we can show you what will make your home or business the talk of the neighborhood.

Just The Right Look and Feel


At Brilliant Nights, we are perfectionists. We install your system to the high standards we set for ourselves. A large number of our installs are difficult because of the creative design approach we use.

Many times, these installations are simply outside the scope of what our competitors are capable of. This is our sweet spot – where a creative design meets the ability of a highly trained and capable installer.

Recessed lighting, or lights in a stacked stone wall are what really show off the architectural attributes of your property.

Lighting installed on a second story or in a tree are the aspects that go well beyond that “I did it myself” look. We tackle the hard stuff and we do it exceptionally well.

We Fix Broken Lights


We service what we sell, and we are available to repair professionally installed systems we didn’t install. We work by the hour and provide materials to get your lighting system back up and running.

Please note that we do not offer service on home improvement store “do it yourself” kits as they are often not installed properly initially, the connections methods are poor, and they generally do not last more than a few years.

We want to be able to guarantee our work, and these systems are usually riddled with problems as they begin to age.



Brilliant Nights offers maintenance plans to keep your system working like new all the time. Maintenance consists of cleaning the lenses on the fixtures to remove hard water stains, rust, etc.

We validate that voltage is correct and replace any defective lamps, etc. We also trim foliage to keep the illumination looking as it did when the system was new.

As plants grow and landscaping changes over time, it may be necessary to reposition or add fixtures. This can be taken care of during the maintenance process as well. Maintenance can be customized for each system – ie: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, etc.

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