Can Your Outdoor Lighting Withstand Florida Rain?

If you’ve had a landscape lighting system installed by someone who does not understand the importance of waterproof fixtures in Tampa, you may start to see problems. Water builds up quickly in systems not built or installed for Florida weather, and we definitely see cases where this happens. 

Here are some problems that can occur in a non-weatherproof installation.

Hosting a Summer Party? Make it a Hit With Outdoor Lighting

Whether you’re having an end-of-season celebration for your son’s baseball team, a pool party for your daughter’s sweet 16, or a backyard BBQ with some of your best buddies, you never want to send guests home just because the sun goes down. Some of the best memories are made at night, often in the glow of twinkly lights.

If you don’t have sufficient lighting on your patio or lanai for guests to see, they’ll either head home or (yikes) head into YOUR home! To keep the party going or avoid a huge crowd invading your kitchen, hire Brilliant Nights. We can design a lighting plan that fits your budget.

Use Your Tax Refund for Landscape Lighting

Like many other Florida residents, you’re probably counting down the days until your tax refund arrives. After you spend some of it on a well-deserved nice dinner, consider investing in something that will boost your home’s value, improve its curb appeal and allow you to enjoy more time outside.